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Windows 7 includes a basic sticky notes feature  that you can use to post sticky notes on your desktop. But if you want better looking sticky notes and much more control over the sticky notes, then you can try the free 7 Sticky Notes. It is a free desktop notes application for Windows 7. It has a great looking sticky note appearance with superior features. It includes a sticky notes manager which lists all the sticky notes you have created and lets you edit, delete or restore them. You can even integrate it with your online storage accounts like Microsoft SkyDrive, DropBox or Google Drive etc. and share the same sticky notes across various computers.

7 Sticky Notes is available as a setup installer, but during the installation it gives an option for portable installation. If you perform the full installation, it places an icon in your system tray. You can right-click on this system tray icon and choose to create a new note, show or hide all the notes and open the notes manager. You can also use hotkeys to perform these actions. For example, to create a new note you can use the Left Windows Key + Z. Similarly, there are other hotkeys like  Left Windows Key + X to show or hide the sticky notes and  Left Windows Key + N to start the sticky notes manager.

A new note editor window pops up when you try to create a new sticky note. In this window, you can start typing the title and text for the new note. It lets you choose the font, themes, colors, transparency and style for the new sticky note. You can also choose to set alarms for the note so that it alerts you at a specific time about that sticky note. The sleep feature hides a note for a selected period of time. You can copy/paste pictures and website links in these sticky notes too.

One of the great features of 7 Sticky Notes is the Notes Manager. It allows you to manage all of your sticky notes from one place. You can create, edit and delete your notes. It also has a a recycle bin for the notes so that you can restore your deleted notes.  There is an in-built virtual desktop feature in 7 Sticky Notes. This way you can switch notes to a different desktop, in case if you have enabled multiple virtual desktops. If you cannot seem to locate a note, then you can bring it to the center of the screen.

7 Sticky Notes is definitely better than the standard sticky notes feature of Windows 7. It gives you an eye pleasing set of sticky notes with lots of customization options. You can set alerts, set notes on sleep (hidden for some time), synchronize the notes through an online storage service and more. If the sticky notes feature in Windows 7 does not seem to satisfy you , then its time you switch to the  free 7 Sticky Notes.

Download 7 Sticky Notes

Download 7 Sticky Notes

Download 7 Sticky Notes


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Sudesh has always been curious about computers and technology. Loves to play with both Windows and Linux. Likes to help people solve their computer problems. Has written technical articles and tutorials for some websites including MintyWhite.

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