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Pranks You Can Play on Your Friends in Microsoft Windows

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Are you bored and do you want to play pranks on your friends? Get a few minutes with their PC and have some fun while you watch them try to figure out what’s going on.

Lets change the autocorrect.

This guide is written for Office 2007; however, this will work in earlier versions of word - the procedure will just be a little different.

1. Open Microsoft Word, click the Office Icon, and select Word Options


2. Click on AutoCorrect Options


3. Put in a word you would like to replace automatically as the person types

A good one would be their name, but you may choose any word you want. In the example below, the name “charlie” will be replaced with “wierdo”. Have fun!!


Dummy Icons on the Desktop

  1. Go to the desktop and then press the Print Screen button (this will take a screenshot of screen)
  2. Open Paint and paste in the screenshot (CTRL+V)
  3. Save the image (in My Documents works best.)
  4. Right click on the file and choose Set as Wallpaper.
  5. Go to the desktop and delete a couple of icons that are not too important (you can always put them back later.)

You’ll notice the icon looks like it’s still there after deleting it; however, when you try to click the icon, it no longer works!

Left Click… No the Other Left Click

This will show you how to play a fun prank in Vista; doing this in other versions of Windows is almost identical. This guide will show you how to switch the left and right mouse buttons.

1. Press the Start button and click Control Panel

2. Under Hardware and Sound, click on Mouse


3. A screen similar to the one below will show. Find the Buttons tab, and find the Left Button and Right Button options and switch the roles of each.


4. Press OK.

5. Close the Control Panel to make the computer look like it did before.

Keyboard not present. Press F1 to continue.

If your friend is using a desktop computer, this trick will probably work.

First, take a look at the back of their computer and look for a green plug and a purple plug.

These are PS/2 plugs and link back to the mouse and keyboard. If you don’t see these, this prank will not work.

  1. Turn off your friends computer
  2. Switch the green and purple plug

Next time the person boots their computer, it will show an error message telling him that no keyboard is present. They will likely look at the back, see that it’s plugged in, unplug the cord and plug it back in, and the keyboard still wont work.

Hate the Annoying Paperclip?

This works with Vista and XP (thanks for testing Zapper)

1. Download this file

2. Run it, and Clippy will sit silently for a minute, then randomly appear and say useless things

3. You can change the messages that Clippy gives

4. To close Clippy, simply point your mouse to the top left corner of your screen

After 220-602 and 1Y0-456 one learns a lot that was not a part of the EX0-101 and 642-845 curriculum. Therefore the 642-825 candidates are more likely to pull the legs of their pals in IT issues.

Further Reading:

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  1. Anna says:

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    Came across this cool one: Link [www.supersteil.nl] :D

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    Keep up the good work! I’m a fan!

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    Oh these are super fun

  18. Zapper says:

    Clippy is a new one. Worked on Vista too. Going to be fun to use on the people who like to borrow my laptop in class.

  19. Rich says:

    Thanks Zapper, I’ve updated the post to reflect the update.

  20. Bertie says:

    These are all hilarious — I can’t wait to do the autoreplace on my friend

  21. Karen says:

    This is why I like stumbleupon - I find fun stuff like this :)

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    These are all quality - best I’ve seen!!

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    Very nice

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    how did you think of all these?

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    I’m not sure how to do a lot of these, but I hope I can follow your instructions :)

  27. Heather says:

    These are perfect for April fools :)

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    I did the autoreplace one today….. soooooo funny

  29. Staci says:

    I wish I found this page yesterday because I would have used them all

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    What an original list. Stumbled :)

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    That was an awesome list. The dummy icons was awesome, but you can also use it to disable all desktop icons and hide the toobar. Keep it up!

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    I like these, I had this bookmarked before and completely forgot about it. I love all the updates to this site. Keep it up mate.

  33. Nicole says:

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    Nice job - I like this site a lot and will come back to check what’s new

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    Oh hell yes…. this is what I needed today. I f*********g love your page, it makes me laugh every time I come here.

  36. Romero says:

    So I just set up the auto correct one. We’ll see how long it takes for my friend to get bugged!!!

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    Muchas gracias por contárnoslas.


  44. Key says:

    Instead of deleting all the icons on your desktop why not just end the process on explorer.exe
    It only shows the desktop background

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    Nice job

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    @Sikaru: We all know you’re stupid and not funny.

    Anyway, thanks for these pranks!

  50. bob says:

    u guys totaly rock omg i love these pranks make some more plz bye the way a cool game is maple story at nexon.net plz sign up if u do tell me in comment

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    Clippy is hilarious! Thanks for the pranks. :)

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