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Installing LDAP Integration Module in Drupal [How To]

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In this guide, you’ll learn how to set up LDAP integration on Drupal. This guide is written for WAMP server, but should work on a LAMP server as long as you have root access.

This guide is part of the Turning Your Computer into a Local Web Server series. Learn more from the main page.

Installing LDAP Integration Module in Drupal

To install LDAP in Drupal, do the following:

  1. Download the LDAP Integration module here
  2. Go to C:\wamp\www\[your project directory]\modules and paste the contents of the zip file inInstalling WAMP in Windows 1
  3. Go to the administration panel of Drupal and click Modules Installing WAMP in Windows 2
  4. Enable Authentication (Under LDAP Integration)Installing WAMP in Windows 3
  5. Now go back to the Administration Panel and click LDAP AuthenticationInstalling WAMP in Windows 4
  6. Enter your LDAP informationInstalling WAMP in Windows 5
  7. When you try to login via LDAP, you’ll get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function ldap_connect() in [PATH] on line 132 You’ll need to enable LDAP and allow Apache access
  8. First, go to C:\wamp\bin\Apache\[Apache Version]\bin\php.ini and uncomment (remove the semi-colon) from extension=php_ldap.dllInstalling WAMP in Windows 7Installing WAMP in Windows 8
  9. In the same file, ensure extension_dir = “c:/wamp/bin/php/[php version]/ext/” is uncommentedInstalling WAMP in Windows 9
  10. Click Start, right click on My Computer, and select PropertiesInstalling WAMP in Windows 10
  11. Under the Advanced tab, click Environment VariablesInstalling WAMP in Windows 11
  12. Find the PATH variable, double click on it, and add WAMP’s PHP installation path (see screenshot) to the variable value field (ensure you use a semi colon to differentiate from the previous paths)Installing WAMP in Windows 11
  13. Click OK twice.
  14. Click on the WampServer icon and click Restart All Services

    Installing WAMP in Windows 13

  15. LDAP will now work

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