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What Would You Like to See on Windows Guides? Results

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Last week, I asked you What Would You Like to See on Windows Guides? The results are in and I will talk about them, briefly, below. Thank you for your support and for taking time to fill out the survey; in total, there are 175 responses. I send the same survey (with a couple more questions) to people who unsubscribe from the mailing list. I’ve included their responses below too. (Results are as of May 22, 2009 @ 10:30 A.M. MDT)

Responses from Site Survey

survey1 What Would You Like to See on Windows Guides? Results

Responses from Email List Exit Survey

survey2 What Would You Like to See on Windows Guides? Results

The Future of Windows Guides

In response to the above feedback, I’ve decided to focus more on:

  • Windows Vista Tips (58% site vote | 50% exit survey vote)
  • Freeware (79% site vote | 44% exit survey vote)
  • Windows 7 Tips (55% site vote | 44% exit survey vote)

I wont neglect the other areas of the site and will continue to share a broad variety of Windows tips and freebies. I’ve taken note of the suggestions on the questionnaire post. I hope you feel like you’ve added a little to the direction this site is taking. Thank you again.

What Do You Have to Say?

What are your thoughts on the results? Have you any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

What Next?

Looking for something else?


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6 Responses to What Would You Like to See on Windows Guides? Results


Antonio Perez

I think that also “Hardware Guides” should be taken in care to focus more immediately.
Think that 50% and 25% are surely very important to consider as a fourth immediate focusing point.



interesting ’cause I’ve seen LOTS of people still using Windows XP (me too). I keep coming back to the blog for XP tips, they are awsome!



Sounds great to me, especially the freeware. I’m also pleased about the Windows 7 tips.



I think that win xp tips are still important as soooooo many people and companies still have XP and are reluctant to spend money to upgrade. Either way…LOVE your site and the info it has.



The Vista tips are great. With so many companies going to Vista its great to be able to point them in your direction after we leave after
the installation. Ust showing the customer the possibilities with Vista via your web site is a bonus. Also nice to have the Windows 7 tips to see whats next in Windows OS> Thanks for everything you do for us.



Why not highlight a selected section from the books you describe? I have some security issues with Vista that have not been addressed by anyone, so that would be a great place to begin highlighting.

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