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See an Infinite View with LogMeIn [Geek Trick]

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Have you ever been in a room that has ever on opposite walls? If you look into one of the mirrors you see an infinite view as the image is reflected back and forth between the two. The other day, when I was quite tired, I wanted to control one of my computers and ended up logging in to the computer I was currently using. I was faced with an infinite view of my computer as it attempted to show my screen within my screen which had my screen within this one and so on. I am surprised this didn’t crash my computer because anyone who programs knows an infinite loop will use all the resources possible until your computer crashes. This really isn’t a guide and it really isn’t helpful but if you are using LogMeIn, you may want to give this one try.

LogMeIn Infinite View
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2 Responses to See an Infinite View with LogMeIn [Geek Trick]


Stan Frank

Windows freezes everytime I open hotmail.



See an Infinite View with LogMeIn [Geek Trick] | Windows 7 News … http://bit.ly/pe4Ae

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