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Question for Readers: Full or Partial Emails/RSSFeeds?

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RSS Feed IconI’m running, for an undefined amount of time, full feeds on Windows Guides again (in other words: the whole post is delivered to your email inbox/RSS reader and not just an excerpt.)

The reason I don’t run full feeds all the time is because Windows Guides has 8,000+ subscribers and the web server running this site struggles to keep up. However, I really like full feeds and want to give them to you readers–if you want them.

Please take a moment to answer the question below:

Do You Want Full Feeds?

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Have Feedback on Full Feeds?

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7 Responses to Question for Readers: Full or Partial Emails/RSSFeeds?



I do want full feeds. It’s so much easier when using Google Reader.



I personally hate partial feeds. I’m aware of the need for it but the reason a reader/visitor subscribes to your post is because he wants an easier way of readig your content. It’s good for your readers. Theres traffic & then theres bulding readership. The latter can ensure readership which definitely translates to traffic. BUt that’s just my opinion. :)



I’d appreciate them and they are handier, but if they bring you into money problems or stuff like that, I can live without them.


Lee Brink

I want full feeds. If it’s bogging your site down send your feeds to FeedBurner and let subscribers read the feed from there? That way the load is pushed out to Google instead of on your site.



It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t mind the partial feed coming in my inbox. If it’s easier on your server (especially with 8000 plus members receiving these e-mails and visiting your site) then I’m all for what’s easier. The partial feed is fine and I usually click on the link in the e-mail to visit your site to see the rest of the article. I like coming to the website, anyway. The website, Windows Guides, is where we can also post a comment … not in the e-mail.



Full feeds please! Especially handy when receiving updates in your email inbox.



I prefer full feeds, but as Lee stated, if you need to, move them to feed burner. Partials are like teasers and will keep people visiting the site instead of only doing stuff through the feeds. If you stay with partial then make them enough to warrant a visit.

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