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Microsoft Starts Working on Windows 7 Parallel Computing

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Microsoft has debuted work that will prepare Windows 7, the next iteration of the Windows client, and the successor of Windows Vista, to handle the imminent evolution of parallel computing.

Windows Vista, as additional hardware and software products play well with the current dual- and quad-core-based PCs, but the continual increase in the number of processors beyond what is
available today means that the technology has to be adapted to future CPU architectures. This is why the Redmond company, together with Intel, announced that they would focus efforts on parallel programming operating systems, as well as applications and architecture.

“Intel has already shown an 80-core research processor, and we’re quickly moving the computing industry to a many-core world,” said Andrew Chien, vice president, Corporate Technology Group and director, Intel Research. In this context, Microsoft has joined efforts with Intel as well as with academia for two Universal Parallel Computing Research Centers (UPCRC). The new centers are designed to developments in mainstream parallel computing.

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    From the beginning your blog was small. But now it is great. I hope you gonna keep writing that way.

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    OK So i’m a little behind, but this sounds really good

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