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Want to Save a Page for Later in Firefox? Introducing Taboo

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Do you want to save some tabs for later when you have a mass of tasks on hand?

At any given time, I may be remoted in to three other computers, each with their own browser session, with multiple tabs. I hope I am one of few that browses 50+ web pages at a time (not kidding.) My short-term memory is terrible and my attention span falls into the same category… where was I? Oh yes, GTA IV… wait… multiple tabs… that’s it. Taboo has provided me with a solution.

Introducing the Taboo Firefox Extension

Download Taboo for Firefox

Once Taboo is installed, you’ll have two new items on your toolbar. When you click the first button, Taboo will take a snapshot of any web page you are on, including session state information (such as the scroll location and any data you’ve entered into forms), and store it for later. You can do this with as many tabs as you need.

When you want access to one of your saved tabs, click on the other Taboo button, and Taboo will load thumbnails of your saved pages into a new tab. From there, all you need to do is click on a saved page, and it will automatically load, complete with scroll location and any text you may have entered.

The saved pages are kept through browsing sessions and shutdowns, and for as many days as you like. Taboo even has a calendar view of all your saved tabs, if you want to access pages from days or weeks ago. You can also search among your pages using the url or page title as a keyword.

Download Taboo for Firefox

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9 Responses to Want to Save a Page for Later in Firefox? Introducing Taboo



This is JUST what I have been looking for for a LONG time



Although it’s a nice idea I’ve leraned not to install all and every extension I find, sometimes I just try to search for alternative ways to improve my navigation…

I’ve used Taboo for a while, it’s a nice extension as I said but you can as easilly just open a folder at your bookmarks and label it as, don’t know, “read later” or something and just go later and read everything….

Easyer and cleaner than using Taboo… Off course, U can’t visualize your bookmarks and u may need other extension to do so if you want but, anyway, just an idea…



Good tip, I will try this



I guess I really don’t see the point in this extension


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I may just try this one out



I guess this can work for some..



I’ve actually used this for ages and i’m glad to see someone else likes this add-on

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