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360 Desktop Extends Your Desktop to a Full Circle

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If you like desktop customization and you use the desktop a lot, 360 Desktop is for you. The program is simple in concept, but advanced in features. Put simply, 360 Desktop gives you a 360 degree panorama to work with as your desktop, which you can spin and use to store icons and widgets on at any point in the circle. Learn, in this guide, a little more about 360 Desktop and where to download it.

360 Desktop Features

When you first run 360 Desktop, you’ll be asked if you want to use it as your main desktop; select Yes.

360 Desktop 1

You can use widgets (Sidebar, Yahoo etc.) anywhere on your desktop. Close them by clicking the somewhat-hidden X at the top right of the widget.

360 Desktop 2

One problem I found with the program is the transparent part of you desktop icons turn black and the area behind the icon text (in my case “blank” characters are used for simplicity) becomes the color your desktop background is set to behind your wallpaper.

360 Desktop 3

You can use one of the default 360s or download more from the 360 Desktop website.

360 Desktop 4

Here you can see my current position on the panorama. This is very useful if you section your desktop into different areas. I.e. Work, Play, Design etc. You can also navigate the desktop by moving the mouse to either side or by using your mouse’s scroll wheel.

360 Desktop 5

360 Desktop is a great idea and will continue to develop. Give it a try today — it’s free.

Download 360 Desktop

Download 360 Desktop

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4 Responses to 360 Desktop Extends Your Desktop to a Full Circle


Google Money Master

it worked wonders for me. without u, i must had not found out this great wallpaper software.

great work men..



Oh my gosh. This was MY IDEA! And how do you know whether you need 32-bit or 64-bit.



I got it working. I never found a problem with the icons, but whenever I tried to scroll to another part of the desktop, the screen kinda flashed really quickly. I’m not going to use this, however, because I don’t like the ads that pop up.



thank you

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