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StumbleUpon Trick to Get More of What You Want

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Every time you click the Stumble! button, you are presented with a web page on one of the topics you specified earlier. Sometimes you want more control over what kind of pages you’d like to browse through.
To do this, you will need to enable the SumbleUpon search feature, which allows you to surf through web pages on a single topic of your liking until you specify otherwise.

To enable the search feature, go to Tools > Toolbar Options


Now select the Configuration tab and check Show search/tag box.


When you click OK, you’ll have a nice search box sitting just beside the reviews balloon on the toolbar.


Test if it works by entering keyword such as “technology” and press enter. Now every time you click on the Stumble button, you’ll jump to a page about technology (or whatever you typed.)

To return to the normal way of stumbling, click on All button on the toolbar.

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1 Response to StumbleUpon Trick to Get More of What You Want



gr8 trick
most of the time we don’t know all software features
where people like you comes in pictures who explores the software and help other people
thanks once again

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