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Process Manager for Windows [Featured Download]

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Process Manager for Windows - 1Process Manager adds an entry to your right-click context menu that adjusts a selected application’s priority or kills it. This seems simple and it is, but this can be very useful and save you a few clicks.

Process Manager for Windows - 2

Some other things you can do with Process Manager are as follows:

  1. Always on top: Put any window on top
  2. Hide: Hide any application, this will remove the application from the task bar (you can then unhide the program when you need it)
  3. Hide Others: Hide all other applications other than the window you right clicked and selected “Hide others”
  4. Minimize to system tray: Minimize any application to your tray (notification area)
  5. Transparency: Set the transparency of any window.

Process Manager for Windows - Transparency

Download Process Manager

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5 Responses to Process Manager for Windows [Featured Download]


Google Money Master

So, it means, it will also show any virus working in background. Wow, i will give it a try.



I Make

Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.


I Make

Hey, great post, really well written. You should blog more about this.



It reads nice but in the release notes it said that it only works on 32-bit machines! You know when I got this computer of mine - I thought that 64 bits was an improvement not a limitation!




thank you

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