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5 Fun Online Flash Games [Time Waster]

Posted by Rich On February 24, 20080 Comments

I have compiled a list of my five favorite online games. The great thing about all five of them is that you can get into them easily and play for as much or as little time as you like.

Warning: These games can become addictive!

Tower Defense.

In Desktop TD, you place towers that will take out your enemies – use money to build towers to take out enemies, to get money to build stronger towers… etc.

Online Games

2. Raft Wars.

Raft wars is a fun game with fun characters. Your goal: to beat the other “gangs” on the rafts.

Online Games

3. Prison Throw.

Prison Throw is an addictive game: the purpose is to throw a prisoner as far as possible – with the help of TNT, remote bombs, spring boards etc. Avoid the police and bushes and you’ll be fine!

Online Games

4. McDonalds Video Game.

Run a successful fast food business – from harvesting the grain, bringing up cows, making burgers, selling them, putting together business plans etc. This game is more fun than it may look!

Online Games

5. Sphere.

The purpose of Sphere is to find clues to escape from an office. The game is partly in Japanese although you’ll be fine when playing. When you get to the first menu, click the left button (as highlighted in the image below.) Everything else is self explanatory after that.

Online Games

Online Games

I hope you have fun! Feel free to suggest any games you like or think should be in the list!

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