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Let’s face it — we love to waste time. We love to relax and lets our minds wander. Now we’ve got that out of the way… lets waste some time!!

1. Get yourself a copy of StumbleUpon here: Browse your favorite genre’s of web pages–taking recommendations from people with similar interests. You can spend hours with this–finding pages you would never think to search for!

2. Find a good comedy to watch; check out IMDB’s top 100 list here

3. Remember the fridge magnet letters? Play online with others!! Just make sure no-one moves your letters.

4. Play Raft Wars!! Do it now!!

5. Buy a chihuahua — ok maybe not, but something random at Craigslist.org

6. Become well versed with quotes from the US Office.

Dwight: Second Life is not a game. It is a multi-user, virtual environment. It doesn’t have points or scores. It doesn’t have winners or losers.
Jim: Oh, it has losers.

I hope you had fun!

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