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I spend a lot of time out and about and am finding it increasingly difficult to get everything I want to done in my digital world when I get home in the evening. I got my first iPhone in 2008 and and am now on my third. The App Store works really well and I enjoy purchasing good quality, well supported, and frequently updated apps that help me get more done. I’ve considered purchasing an iPad ever since its launch but had a perfectly good laptop I could use. Now, my laptop battery life is just under 10 minutes and, rather than purchase a battery that costs about as much as the laptop is worth (or a little more), I bought a 16GB Wifi iPad.

I travelled last week and had a good amount of downtime in between events. With this time, I tried out many apps and jailbroke my device to unleash its potential—notably: concurrent mouse and keyboard use. I’ve set up remote access from anywhere in the world to my home PC and to my work machine. The setup is working really well. Yes, it doesn’t quite replace my laptop so I’m keeping my five year old one mostly for home use. Coupled with a hotspot plan from my cellphone provider, I have light weight mobile access everywhere I go with many of the perks of an ultraportable laptop at a fraction of the price—weighing in at a modest 2.39 lbs with mouse and keyboard included.

Do you have an iPad or iPhone? Would you like to learn more about making these work together with Windows?

Let us know in the comments or by dropping me a line iPad@myWindowsPC.com or iPhone@mywindowspc.com

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Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix them.

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13 thoughts on “Do You Have an iPad or iPhone?”

  1. Ian Mackness says:

    Hi, I have both iphone and opad 16gb – would love to know how to sync music and movies with home pc without downloading all content onto devices..?

    1. Rich says:

      I use AirPlayer and stream my media from my Xbox Media library running on my desktop. Another option that’s popular is VLC Streamer. If there’s enough interest, I could do a write up on a few options.

    2. Dustin Harper says:

      Stream2Me works great, too.

  2. Dustin Harper says:

    I’m a mainly Windows guy. My first Apple product was an iPad. It’s a great device. I have very little complaints. However, in a few months, I will probably be trading it in for a Surface. I think Microsoft has the tablet down right this time. But, the iPad is far from a bad device (Shhh. Don’t tell my wife I said that! :) ). I’d love to see some tips and articles on iPad working with Windows a bit more.

    1. Rich says:

      Thanks for your feedback Dustin. I am eager to try surface tablet too; however, my only concern is the initial lack of apps available for Windows 8 RT.

  3. Joel Gibbons says:

    I’m a Windows guy as well, but I have an Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone and an iPad 2. I use my iPad on the road and at home most evenings and only take my laptop home from work if I’m going to be doing certain kinds of work that the iPad doesn’t do well (like Excel).

    1. Rich says:

      As much as we would like to use just one group of products I.e. Windows Laptop, Tablet, Phone or the same for the Apple line, that’s not always practical or the best option for us (especially those of us who are given hardware for work with permitted home use.) Statistically speaking, most of us are Windows users with Apple and Android portable devices.

  4. Pete Olson says:

    We have 4 iPhone 3GS’s (8gb, 2 16gb, and 32gb) and an iPad (16gb wifi). My wife uses iWorks on the iPad and loves it; but working the iPhones (and Pad) with Windows (3 Win7 laptops, 1 XP Laptop, 1 XP desktop) would be great. My wife also uses Office 2010 Professional.

  5. Fessel 931 says:

    I’m a retired techie, started with Win 3.1.1 and am still being called out! I have a Samsung GT-E1080i phone…cost from Tesco £9.95 sim free 2 years ago for phone calls and texts. Asus laptop if I’m called out. XS4000 camera lives on my belt that takes ‘proper’ photos.
    I refuse to dance to apples tune and pass on my cash to them to buy products at vastly inflated prices……I’m not a cheapskate, I just won’t be conned into buying a ‘lifestyle’, and I certainly don’t want to be at everyone’s beck and call 24/7. My phone is switched on only when I want it to be on. Why doers everyone seem to think they have to be in contact with work 24 hours a day…madness.

  6. John Crane says:

    I use Windows at work and write software for Windows. At home I have 4 notebooks and 3 desktops, all running Windows. I have two Android tablets and one Android phone. I have a lot of Apple users in my family,but everything about Apple gives me the creeps. I don’t like the design. I hate the control. It is cute to see my little grand-daughters fire up a Mac or iPad, but that is not for me.

  7. Dax5of6 says:

    Yes, the iPad to PC is a great idea. I have become very attached to my iPhone 4… Just waiting for the next edition of the iPhone to upgrade and add an iPad!

  8. Crairco says:

    I have an Ipad 1 and an Ipad 2. I would like to learn more on tying them into my PC on Windows 7 (soon 8).

  9. Dan says:

    Sounds interesting and I would like to know more.

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