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They say that your desktop (the real thing, not your virtual one) shows what goes on in your head. The pun is an empty desktop surface vs. your mind.

I admit, this post is inspired by a similar article over at Verge. That being said, I think it would be interesting to see what your Windows Desktop look like. Do you like your desktop to be neat and tidy, or is it all havoc ? Show us your mind.

I’ll go first and share my desktop with you all. There’s no denying, I’m a big fan of Rainmeter and I believe my desktop shows it. Tidy yet informative. Send your desktop images to competition@www.mintywhite.com (no, there’s no price other than fame and glory) or post a link in the comments below.

I’m really looking forward to see what your mind looks like …

My desktop.


All the white icons are actual buttons, controlled by my Rainmeter plugins (Illustro, Minimal Bar and Nova).

Now let’s see your mind…

Not sure how to take a screenshot? See this guide: Capture Screenshots using Built-in Windows Tools

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13 thoughts on “What does your Windows Desktop Look Like ??”

  1. Alan Wade says:

    If I knew how to upload an image I would show you mine :) Opps, forget that, I see the little icon now.
    My Start Screen and my Windows 8 Desktop.

  2. Alan Wade says:

    Well I had uploaded images of my desktop but they seem to have dissappeared.

  3. jwmort says:

    I avoid plugins, widgets, and gadgets for security reasons. I am a minimalist at heart and subscribe to the KISS method.

    I do like the above screen though, very nicely done, and has a ton of information available to the user. Good job.

  4. Alan Wade says:

    As I like to change my Start screen and desktop around usually once a week, this week I opted for a blue feel.

  5. Theodore Hammond says:

    I like to have everything right in front of me.

  6. Mick Barker Sr. says:

    Here’s My Desktop Background… One of Many, I keep about 20 handy in Personalization Just in Case I get Bored..

  7. John Schuepbach says:

    Windows XP :) (You’d never know it, would ya?)

  8. Rich says:

    Here’s my desktop… recognize it? I built this Windows 8 PC about 4 months ago and still haven’t even got round to changing the wallpaper :)

    I find my desktop ends up being another inbox of files that require action or review; as I already have a folder for this purpose in my Dropbox, I try to keep my desktop clear and distraction free.

  9. Guest says:

    Hi ! Here’s mine ! Thank you !

  10. Cosmin Tataru says:

    This is mine :D (Windows 8 on Desktop)

  11. Uvais says:

    Rainmeter Rules…its such a very good software for windows customixation…nice to your Article after a very long time :/

  12. Sweets242 says:

    My Desktop

  13. Brian Reed says:

    Like it ?

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