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PROS: Easy to use. Powerful functionality for downloading most streaming videos.

CONS: The limited video edit features could easily be improved to make this a program for all your needs.

VERDICT: A great tool for downloading streaming videos off the net. But also a great program for those of you who love to record your own DIY, and HOW-TO videos.

PRICE: $59.95


Apowersoft Video Download Capture Features

Going on a vacation abroad and wish you could take your favorite movies with you? Or did you see a clip on YouTube that you would like to download to your device for offline viewing? Well then this just might be the tool you have looked for.

If you are one of those people who love to create DIY or How-To Videos, then AVDC is also for you.

What our lawyer would have us say: We the team at Windows Tools, Help & Guides do not condone illegal download of any online content, it being from a streaming server or any other source.

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Apowersoft Video Download Capture

vdcbatchdownload I love programs that do what you expect it to. Apowersoft Video Download Capture (AVDC) is one of those. And it’s quite simple to use: Open the video stream and copy the URL. Paste it into AVDC, click “Add to Download” and sit back while the content is downloaded. Alternatively you can let AVDC detect videos for you. With the built-in video browser, you can easily record and download RTMP/RTPME video (Real Time Messaging Protocol). For example, videos/Episodes/TV Shows from Hulu, Netflix, CBS, PBS, ABC etc.

A feature I found quite useful is the prompt for video format before recording. This is especially useful when you record video for your smartphone, tablet or Computer.


Here’s one thing I would like to see the program do better: After the download, you should be prompted to edit the recording. As it is now, you have to open the Convert Tab, add the video you just recorded and choose Edit Video from the Context menu. And that isn’t the most obvious place to look.

Screen Recording

vdcplayvideoIf you are one of those people who love to create DIY or How-To Videos, then AVDC is also for you. AVDC can record the entire screen or just portions of it. You can record both screen and audio, just screen and just audio. It’s fairly easy to use. Choose your settings, press the Start-button and do your thing.

When you have a part of the screen you want to record, you draw a red box covering the desired area. This box remains visible throughout the recording making it very easy to see what becomes part of the video. This way you never record anything you don’t want to be visible.


If you open the video in the Converting Tab you are able to do some editing on the video, such as trim, crop and adjust brightness, and contrast, as well as adding subtitles. But seeing as this is also a screen recording I would love to see the option to add graphics and overlay text on any part of the recording.


After the recording session(s) has ended you may convert the video to your format of choice. In here you may also do some limited editing such as trim, crop and adjust brightness and contrast. You may also hardcode subtitles onto the video which I find quite useful.

All in all

AVDC is a powerful yet easy to use tool that you will love to use. But don’t just take my word for it…

Download Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder

Download Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder


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