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blend Set Custom Transparencies for Programs with Blend (2000/XP/Vista)

Blend allows you to manually select the transparency for individual programs by either entering the executable path or dragging an icon onto the window you want to tweak.

Blend is a system tray utility takes up very little memory (3 MB or less), and has simple but highly-configurable options.

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spellcheck Spell Check ALL Text Boxes in Mozilla Firefox [How To]

One of the many great features of Firefox is the built in spell checker. I write e-mails, publish articles, etc within the Firefox browser and this is a real time saver as I don’t need to copy my text into a spell checking enabled program to cover my back. The spell checker works in many fields in Firefox… but not all. In this guide we will learn how to enable the spell check in all fields.

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15indexergadget01 Indexer Status Sidebar Gadget for Windows SearchThis gadget displays status information for the Windows Search indexer. It also allows you to pause and resume the indexer as well as quickly access the Indexing Options control panel.

If you have installed the Windows Search 4 update for Vista (currently a “preview” release) you can also enable “Index Now” functionality.

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logon studio Customize Windows Vista or XP Logon Screen with Logon Studio

Logon Studio, created by the Stardock team lets you customize your Windows Vista (also available for Windows XP) logon screen. Choose from many styles that will make your computer stand out from the crowd.

Logon Studio is freeware, which can set any wallpaper as your logon screen. All you need to do is to download this utility and choose the wallpaper you want to use. Read the rest of this entry »

15notoall01 No to All Functionality When Copying Files in Windows XP

We’ve all been there, we want to copy a bunch of files from one folder to another, but we only want to copy the files that don’t already exist there. Ordinarily you would have to sit and press “No” countless times. This is not an issue with Windows Vista, but if you use XP, this guide is for you.

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seven Best Windows Freebies and Guides 02 [May 2008]seven Best Windows Freebies and Guides 02 [May 2008]seven Best Windows Freebies and Guides 02 [May 2008]

Every month we take a look around some of the most interesting windows-related web-sites. We collect the best free stuff and write tips to help you get more out of Windows. Below you’ll find wallpapers, icon packs, screensavers, and freeware we’ve found over the last 30 days. We’ve also put together our most popular windows guides.

Enjoy the overview of stuff you shouldn’t have missed in May 2008.

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