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Free Stylish Retro Fonts (TTF)

Posted by Rich On March - 27 - 200816 COMMENTS

15fontretro00 Free Stylish Retro Fonts (TTF)

There are so many fonts out there – but it seems you have to pay for all the good ones. Put your credit card away and enjoy these free retro fonts. Available to you are many more sets – linked below.

Check out more font collections on www.Mintywhite.com

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If you use multiple partitions on your hard drive, you may want to shrink or extend one of them – after realizing you want more space on another one of the partitions. This guide will show you how to shrink or extend a partition on your hard drive.

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Use OneNote to Organize Your Life!

Posted by Rich On March - 24 - 200828 COMMENTS

16onenote00 Use OneNote to Organize Your Life!

OneNote is one of the best pieces of software available for use with Windows. No other software on any platform can match what OneNote can do. In this guide you will learn why OneNote is so good and how you can begin to use it to organize your life.

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vistabootpro Go PRO with Microsoft Windows Vista Boot Manager

If you want to install a second OS or manage your boot configuration without directly editing the BCDEdit file, this guide is for you.

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If when you try to install Vista SP1, you get one the following error message/s:

Service Pack did not install. Reverting changes
Installation was not successful
An internal error occurred while installing the service pack

 Here are a few steps you may try:

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Vista’s SP1 changes the Search feature to allow users to choose a default desktop search program by using Set Default Programs from Control Panel.

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