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As the title implies, this guide is going to show you how to add Advanced Users Account options to the Control Panel.

The little hack will give you access to options otherwise hidden or awkward to get to.

Please see here before going ahead with this guide.

Step 1.

OK, so lets start by adding the appropriate registry entries.  Now, normally i would provide step by step instructions on how to do this manually.  This time though, there’s quite a few entries to make so for the sake of simplicity and everyone’s sanity we’ll go the lazy way this time.

Download this zip file.  There will be 2 registry files in there.  One for enabling the advanced options and one for removing them.

Double click Add_Advanced_User_Accounts to add the registry entries.  Read & accept the prompts.

Step 2.

Now go click the Start Orb and choose the Control Panel;

In the Control Panel, choose User Accounts and Family Safety

Under normal circumstances, you would see this;

After adding the registry entries however, we are presented with a new option; Advanced User Accounts.  Go ahead and click it.

As previously mentioned, you will now have access to options hidden or otherwise awkward to get to.

You can also get access to this menu by typing netplwiz into the Start Menu and hitting enter.

Returning to default

To return to default, just download the zip file, double click the Remove_Advanced_User_Accounts registry entry and accept the prompts in the same manner as before.

Note: I have only tested this on Windows 7.  I can confidently say this won’t work for XP but may for Vista.

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3 thoughts on “Add Advanced User Account Options to the Control Panel [How To]”

  1. Bill Ray says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much!!
    Just hit Windows Key + R then typed netplwiz.exe and presto!!:D happy tweaking!

    1. patrick dumervil says:

      Hi cDurex, I must say I am all impress with your solution, it can get any easier than that. thanks
      Can you tell me where you get those kind of command cuz they are not easy to get.

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