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Customize Your Vista (or XP) Start Menu

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Windows Start Menu

The Windows Start Menu is notoriously bloated. Here I will tell you how to organize things better.

If you are experimenting with customizing Windows, this guide is for you.

Please Note: This guide is designed for Windows Vista, but the same steps apply for Windows XP.

Lets begin, how do we get to the customize options? Right click on the Windows Start Menu button and select Properties.

Click the Customize… button.

Windows Start Menu

Here you can change what shows up in the right section of the start menu. If you don’t use your Music folder, then why have it linked there? Have some fun getting rid of unnecessary links and then come back for more organizing tips.

After installing a few programs, your start menu can get cluttered. To reduce the number of folders in the left part of the menu, consider using folders like “Media“, “Internet” etc. To do this, click on All Programs.

Windows Start Menu

Now right click on a folder and select Explore All Users.

Windows Start Menu

Once in the windows explorer window, you can rename folders and put links together. I usually delete the shortcuts to readme files, help files, and uninstall links as these can all be accessed from other places, and I rarely use them.

Below is an example of my Media folder.

Windows Start Menu

As you can see, this is a lot clearer and a lot easier to navigate.

If you have more questions about customizing your start menu, please comment or send a message via the Contact link.

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5 Responses to Customize Your Vista (or XP) Start Menu



Nice tip! I have changed my whole start menu now!



Nice, simple tip! Thank you



Good advice, although I only use the search really, so I dont do much organizing




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