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Stop Windows Update Restart Now Prompts

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Windows update is an excellent way to keep your computer up to date and protected from the latest vulnerabilities. Sometimes, Windows update will apply a patch that requires your computer to be restarted. Many times, this restart comes at an inopportune time as you may have a lot to get done that day. Windows Vista does not bug you as much as Windows XP, because you can change the interval at which Windows to remind you to restart your computer. Regardless of your operating system, you may just want to stop the notifications entirely and restart your computer the end of the day. Why do not recommend this, I often find myself delaying the restart process. In this guide, you’ll learn how to stop Windows update notifying you until the next time you restart your PC.

To turn off will Windows Update notifications, do the following:

  1. Press WINKEY+R, type cmd, and hit enterStop Update prompts 1
  2. In Vista/7, type net stop “windows update” and hit enter
    In XP, type net stop “Automatic updates” and hit enterStop Update prompts 2

This stops the Windows update service until the next time you restart your computer. Now you will no longer be pestered to restart your computer. Please remember: there is a reason your computer needs to be restarted; you should restart your computer at your earliest convenience.

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3 Responses to Stop Windows Update Restart Now Prompts



Nice tip Rich :)
Does the service start automatically after a reboot or does one have to manually start it again?



Yes it will start again after a reboot.

You would have to go into services and set the startup type to “Manual” from “Automatic” to permanently stop the prompts; however, this would also stop you receiving updates, which is obviously not advisable and not you were asking with your question anyway.



Sharing Stop Windows Update Restart Now Prompts: Windows update is an excellent way to keep your computer.. http://bit.ly/G1Bm6

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