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Automatically Backup an Entire Web Site or Directory

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You can backup a copy of an entire website and automate this process with a simple batch file (more on that later) and a piece of software named wget.

Wget will allow you to save a backup of every file of a Web site.

Setup wget

  • Download Wget here
  • Create a folder at C:\WebsiteBackup (or whatever and wherever you want to name it)
  • Extract the contents of Wget into the folder you created.

Set up the batch file

  • Open Notepad and type the following on the first line:
  • cd C:\WebsiteBackup
  • On the second line type:
  • wget -r -k -p http://www.SiteName.com
  • Save the file as WebsiteBackup.bat.

The file should look like this.


To run the file click on WebsiteBackup.bat. You should see the following screen - now wait as the website downloads.


You can automate this process if you right click on the file, create a shortcut, and put that shortcut into your “Startup” folder. Whenever you log into Vista/XP, a backup of a Web site will be made.

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