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Troubleshoot Networks with Multiple Access Points

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I take my laptop to campus every day and frequently move around campus, which means I use different wireless access points. By virtue of this, I am connecting to the same network many times but in different locations, which leads me with the problem of multiple save wireless networks of the same SSID. This was not a problem until recently when I could not get connectivity on campus anymore. If you use a wireless residential network, corporate network, or school network you may also run into this problem. In this guide, you’ll learn how to merge the wireless networks so connectivity issues are not a problem anymore.

Merging Wireless/Wired Networks

To fix the problems with multiple connections to the same network, do the following:

  1. Click on the network icon in the notification area and click Network and Sharing Center

    Merge Internet Connections 1

  2. Next to the network in question, click Customize

    Merge Internet Connections 2

  3. Click Merge or Delete Network Locations

    Merge Internet Connections 3

  4. Highlight the networks in question and click Mergeā€¦

    Merge Internet Connections 4

  5. Close all network Windows and you are done

Hopefully this will solve any connectivity problems you are having by connecting to multiple access points on the same network.

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