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Microsoft Adds 42.85 TB (TeraBytes) Update to Virtual Earth

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On March 25, 2008, Microsoft has introduced a 42.85 TB (terabytes) update to Virtual Earth. The Redmond company is racing with its online platform combining geospatial data, rich imagery, as well as mapping and location information against the Mountain View-based Search giant’s Earth. And in this context, two digit terabytes updates have not been uncommon. Quite to the contrary in fact, it has become a tradition for Microsoft to deliver consistent updates of content to Virtual Earth.

“Its been a month of March madness for VE imagery crew- The 40+ TB publish of Virtual Earth Maps brings Birds Eye coverage to a lot of new regions, some nice High res ortho imagery, and a couple of hidden surprises that will be turned on in a couple of weeks. The state of Mississippi benefits most with over 40 counties of the richest aerial imagery on the net, while Ireland gets a boost with a bunch of new cities including Cork and Limerick,” revealed a member of the Virtual Earth team.

So far, Microsoft has failed to disclose the hidden surprises that have been packed away in Virtual Earth in March. But judging by the sheer size of the update, users are in for quite a ride. Chris Pendleton, Virtual Earth Technical Evangelist, has a complete list of all the geographical locations that have been updated with the new content via Obliques (Bird’s Eye) and Orthos imagery. “42.85 TB make up our March release of Virtual Earth data. Insane. Plus, we’re hosting a whole new tile set that is out of this world,” Pendleton stated.

Users will be able to enjoy new imagery from Las Vegas - US; to Zurich and Geneva - Switzerland; to Cambridge - United Kingdom, and to Taj Mahal, Jamshedpur, Koshikode – India; Macao, Wuhu, Xuxhou, Taipei – China. You will be able to find the complete list of the new Virtual Earth content on Chris Pendleton’s blog.


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Mary Jane

Wow I can’t wait!!!!

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