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Portable Ubuntu Remix Runs Linux from Windows

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If you love Linux, but need Windows for specific applications, you may have faced the dilemma of a dual boot system or running Linux on a virtual machine. Both approaches have a negative approach: inconvenience and memory usage respectively. In this guide, you’ll learn about Portable Ubuntu Remix — Linux that runs as an application in Windows — and where to download it.

The concept is fairly simple, but the work behind this software is genius. Simply download Portable Ubuntu Remix, run the extraction, and put the system files in a permanent location (I.E. C:\Linux)

Portable Ubuntu Remix 1

After extracting the files to a stable folder, double click on run_portable_ubuntu.bat to start up Linux.

Portable Ubuntu Remix 2

You’ll have to wait 30 seconds or more depending on your system capabilities, while the operating system loads.

Portable Ubuntu Remix 3

Now you have access to Ubuntu’s program menu. All the standard applications that come with Ubuntu are bundled with this package.

Portable Ubuntu Remix 4

Yes, each program runs as a windowed program — right within your Windows installation!

Portable Ubuntu Remix 5

If you have support questions about Portable Ubuntu Remix, head here

Download Portable Ubuntu

Download Portable Ubuntu

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2 Responses to Portable Ubuntu Remix Runs Linux from Windows



This would help a lot, since I don’t have the time to dual boot my computer with Ubuntu. But will this run on a USB drive? Thanks.



thanks i have kubuntu on sun xVM VirtualBox on windows xp3

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