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FastAero Gives Aero Effects in Windows XP

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FastAero gives Windows XP Aero Effects

FastAero is a freeware program, which you can download and run to enable Aero-like effects in Windows XP. Download the 7z file, extract it (you can use 7zip), and run the exe. FastAero does not need to be installed; the program sits in your system tray.

Note: I didn’t think it was working at first, but all currently open windows should be closed and opened again to enable the Aero effect.

Download FastAero (Mirror)

FastAero gives Windows XP Aero Effects

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3 Responses to FastAero Gives Aero Effects in Windows XP



When people will understand…
CPU is not designed to draw. I trued your tool just to confirm and the CPU spikes at very high levels.

To top things over, you can’t maximize a window when double clicking on the taskbar, the redraw is slow when you move a window and when you maximize a window it’s so very slow.



GoodBytes — This works fine on my PC, which is 3 years old.



I’m with goodbytes; didn’t really seem to push cpu, but it [the app] sure freezes up (not responding) and leaves ghosts on the screen for several seconds after closing a window.
Pretty, but not worth the side-effects, imho.

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