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IE Collection Puts All Versions of IE on Your PC

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As a web developer, it is important for me to test my websites in different browsers. As much as I don’t like to support older browsers, many people use them, and I need to ensure that compatibility is at its highest. If you are a web developer, or if you recently upgraded to IE8, you may notice that you cannot have multiple versions of IE on your computer at the same time. A solution to this problem is to use IE Collection. This program installs all of the main builds of IE 8 on your PC.

IE Collection

Some copies of IE may not be compatible with your operating system as shown in the screenshot below:

IE Collection 1

I barely remember IE looking like this; this is how Windows Guides looks in IE 1.5. hopefully not many people are viewing this site right now and it’s browser because it looks really bad!

IE Collection 2

I started using the Internet in 1996; this is when both IE 1.5 and 2.0 were used:

IE Collection 3

IE Collection 4

Download IE Collection

Download IE Collection

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3 Responses to IE Collection Puts All Versions of IE on Your PC



Multible IE under WinXP:

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So, did it work for you ? Any problems ?

I’m working on a browser screenshot application and as I rely on IE collection it is interesting to check user inputs.


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