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Write Monkey is a Full-screen Word Processor

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If you like to write or if you are compelled to write by work, school etc, you know how distracting it can be to use your computer. If I am not focused, I can take hours writing a paper because I take time to check my email, browse websites, play with my computer etc. In this guide, you’ll learn about Write Monkey and I’ll run you over the best features.

Write Monkey is a simple word processor that helps you write, without distraction, in full-screen mode. I’ve reviewed Q10 in the past and Write Monkey is another variant of this type of program.

Installing Write Monkey

Write Monkey does not require installation. Just download Write Monkey and extract the contents to a designated folder for the program (you can use a USB drive.)

Write Monkey 1

Using Write Monkey

Now you’ve extracted the zip file, double click on WriteMonkey.exe

Write Monkey 2

Now you can write in full screen, without distraction.

Write Monkey 3

Write Monkey’s features are limited but essential: compose your document and save it frequently — that’s all there is too it.

Write Monkey 4

You can also use Write Monkey in windowed mode if you absolutely have to keep busy with other things too!

Write Monkey 5

Download Write Monkey

Download Write Monkey

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