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Download Free Vista/XP Virtual Desktops PowerToy

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Download Free Vista SP1 Infinite Desktops PowerToyThe Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager is a PowerToy designed to compensate for the limitations associated with the boundaries of a single desktop. The tool is designed to support Windows Vista RTM and Windows XP SP2, but it also integrates seamlessly with Vista Service Pack 1 and on the same line with the third and final service pack for XP, which does not bring such a consistent evolution to the table in comparison with SP2. But either on Vista or on XP, the tool enables users to run virtually an infinite number of desktops, with the only limits imposed by the amount of RAM.

On April 7, 2008, the Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager was delivered fixing a range of bugs, including a critical glitch, but also delivering enhancements with build 0.8.3018.0. But even with the 0.8 version the tool is still labeled as Release Candidate. “The seventh release, 0.8, is marked as a release candidate version. However, it could easily have been marked as a production release. Most likely the next release will be 1.0, a big milestone for this project,” the program’s developers revealed.

Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager is a free download housed on Microsoft’s open source projects website: CodePlex. The developers, Z-Systems, are making not only the tool available but also the source code. This means that not only can end users enjoy Vista/XP Virtual Desktop Manager 0.8.3018.0 RC for free, but developers can also tweak and improve it.

“New features include a new mini-toolbar for a lean, unobtrusive way to switch desktops using the mouse (configurable). [The ability to] set programs to be minimized before being hidden; this is needed for popular Adobe CS3 programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Automatic check for updates (configurable), Huge performance improvements (more multi-threading, etc.). [And the tool now] automatically sets itself as high-priority for even more performance (and because it usually sits idle, this should have no negative effect on your system),” reads a fragment of the information accompanying the latest release.

Vista/XP Virtual Desktops 0.8.3018.0 is available for download here.

Download Free Vista/XP Virtual Desktops PowerToyDownload Free Vista/XP Virtual Desktops PowerToy

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8 Responses to “Download Free Vista/XP Virtual Desktops PowerToy”

  1. Matt Says:

    thank you! I ahve been looking for this!

  2. Stuart Says:

    I have been looking for something like this for ages!
    I have just started customising my desktop and my girlfriend doesn’t like the mac layout I’ve just installed, she prefers the old school windows layout. unfortunately i can’t figure out the simplest of tasks with this; how do i even set the backgrounds to be different with each desktop? there will only be 2). Do i have to have an understanding of writing scripts?
    Any help here would be appreciated

  3. Rich Says:

    If I understand correctly, you want to change the background. In Windows XP:

    1. Right click on the desktop in a place that there is not an icon. A side window will pop-up. Click the bottom option “Properties” and a Display Properties window will appear with uniquely labeled tabs at the top.
    2. Pick the “Desktop” tab. In the middle of the screen under Background there will be several files to choose from. Click on the file name of the background you want. If you don’t know the name of the file you want, click each file name and a sample picture will appear in the top of the window.
    3. Click the down arrow next to the Stretch, Tile or Center option. Choose each one and view the sample picture above to see which view suits you best. Pick a color for the background of the picture by clicking the down arrow button under the “Color” option.
    4. Select “Apply” and then “OK”

    If that doesn’t answer your question, head over to the forums to get more advice.

  4. Stuart Says:

    Thanks anyways Rich but your well off the mark with this one, i understand how to change the desktop background in normal circumstances. I want to know how to change the desktop background so it is different in each of the desktops i use with this freeware. (I use Vista Home Premium 32-bit)
    Thanks anyway mate

  5. pedro Says:


  6. Perry Says:

    This is a cool tool


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