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Save Time - Enhance SATA Disk Performance

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This guide will help you improve the performance of your SATA hard drive by enhancing write caching. This guide is written for use with Windows Vista.

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Customize Your Vista (or XP) Start Menu

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Windows Start Menu

The Windows Start Menu is notoriously bloated. Here I will tell you how to organize things better.

If you are experimenting with customizing Windows, this guide is for you.

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60 Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys - Learn Some More Today

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Word Shortcut Keys

How many times have you used CTRL+X or CTRL+V today?

There are some shortcut keys you just can’t live without, and you probably already use them frequently. Learn some more shortcut keys today and use them to save you time in the future.

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Enable Aurora Boot Screen in Microsoft Windows Vista

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Aurora Boot Screen

The boot screen in Windows Vista is plain and lame. To change it follow these simple steps.

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Speed up Windows Vista With Readyboost

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Using Windows Readyboost is a great way to improve the performance of your computer when doing your day-to-day tasks.

In this guide, we will learn what Readyboost is, what its requirements are, and how to get it working for you.

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Launch Flip 3D in Windows Vista

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flip 3d

Do you remember seeing the previews for vista with the “flashy window change thing?”. Have you been using it?

If you are using Windows Vista, hold the Windows Key and press Tab.

That’s it. If you knew about this, then keep looking around the site for some other, more advanced tips.

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