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What Did The Internet Look Like in 1996?

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internet 96

Want to see what the internet looked like back in 1996?

I have compiled some screenshots of the more popular sites. How do they compare to today’s versions?

Using the Wayback Machine I put together a list of the more popular sites. Did the internet really look this bad? Well it all had to start somewhere.

[Click to see a larger image]


internet 96


internet 96


internet 96


internet 96


internet 96


internet 96


internet 96


internet 96


internet 96


internet 96

Pizza Hut

internet 96

Site Robo4

internet 96

Wendy’s Homepage

internet 96

Wendy’s “Hallway”

internet 96


internet 96


internet 96

I hope you enjoyed the list.

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11 Responses to “What Did The Internet Look Like in 1996?”

  1. M Laney Says:

    Oh that was so fun! Great post :)

  2. Lauren Says:

    I never knew it looked like this…. this was fun to read

  3. Zareen Says:

    hahaha that was funnyyy

  4. Xnna Says:

    This was really fun to read and I am going to show my friends. Where did you get all these from?

  5. Rich Says:

    I got many from here: http://www.archive.org/web/web.php

  6. Laura J Says:

    I just showed this to my daughter who couldn’t believe we dealt with this. When I told her it sometimes took a minute or two to load a page like this she just laughed! Times have changed!

  7. Maricela Says:

    Classic. THank you!

  8. Some Sites Says:

    Some sites still look like this…


  1. James T Thompson
  2. how did the internet start
  3. Garcias

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