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PROGRAM: Foxit Phantom PDF

PROS: Very easy to use. Lightweight and reliable. With Co-Worker collaboration system, Show PDF as Text-file, Easy to use Zoom functions. a Very Nice Screen-dump feature.

CONS: There is no Context Menu. No Document Compression. Almost hidden MS Office AddIn. Some transparency masks may show as tinted background.

VERDICT: Foxit Phantom pro is a very good alternative to Adobe Acrobat. The software has (almost) every thinkable tool you need to easy and securely streamline your businesses document needs.

PRICE: $129


Download Link for Trial Version in the Article

If you are in the market for buying the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you should really consider trying out Foxit Phantom first. It has got everything you find in Acrobat, but for much less money.

Foxit Phantom is a software solution for businesses – first and foremost. It’s a serious competitor to Adobes Acrobat. It’s not only a tool to create and edit PDF documents, it’s also a solution for securing and streamlining every document need your business have at present or in the future.

In addition to the same old functions you would expect to find, they have also added a few things that I really liked.

What makes it stand out ?

A couple of things, actually. First it’s very affordable, where as Acrobat Pro Extended (which, I would say is the real Acrobat (and which this version Foxit Phantom is measured up against), start at $400 for a single user, where as Foxit can be yours for $129 (single user).

Second, it allows you to go beyond the single-user-feeling. Foxit offers (for an extra fee) access to what they call: On Demand Content Management. Which is an online system for collaboration within your organization from sharing logos, pictures, documents etc. making it very easy to streamline business processes.

On Demand Content Management, is probably what makes it stand out the most. This is where Foxit Really surpass the others.

Some great functions

Let’s be honest. There are way to many functions and tools to list them all here. So I’m going to mention but a few of which I think should be of interest to you. Some of them I find, have a rather unique approach.

View PDF as Text

This function allows you to “remove” every graphical elements (photos, colors, formating etc) from the document. Making it easy to read through, especially if you use Text-To-Speech.

Zoom and Magnify

Yes, I know. Every PDF program out there has ZOOM. But, not everyone has a Magnifying glass or Loupe Tool. A funny, yet useful functionality. This is the kind of stuff I like to find in programs that are all about business and “stiff upper lip”.

Tabbed Document

Opening several documents in Foxit opens them in separate Tabs, making it very user-friendly and straightforward. You don’t have to open and close tons of windows when working on several documents at once.

Other functions worth mentioning

Of course Foxit has it all; Edit Tools, Commenting, stamps, Annotation, Typewriter, Form Editor, Import/Export Form data, Security Policies, Encryption. In Short: Everything your company would ever need.

Screen Capture

If you are in need of using a part of a PDF in another document, there is a nice feature that let you capture that part of the document and paste it into your program of choice.

  1. Simply click on the Camera Icon, in the upper right corner.
  2. Drag a box around your selection
  3. Release
  4. Open your program of choice, and Paste it in.


Cons (or, things to improve)

When I review software, I’m always on the lookout for things that could be improved, added or in some case something that would make it an even better application. And I do have a few things on my wishing list:

Context Menu

Strangely enough, there is no Context Menu addOn. By adding a Context Menu would allow the users to open, create,  Combine supported files directly from the Context Menu – you would get even better usability.

Microsoft Office AddIn

The AddIn for Office is hidden away inside the AddIns Tab. I would suggest that the developers create their own menu AddIn, making it easier to find and use. There could even be extra functionality like security, and other settings directly from Office.

Overall assessment

The picture over there say it all, really.

I’ve been testing Foxit Phantom for the last month, during my every day tasks. As a mere tool for creating PDF’s, reviewing them and sending them as attachments to Emails – it feels a bit too powerful. Too big. I don’t work in a big organization where we produce large numbers of documents or where I need to do streamline any processes. Also I miss the ability to Compress the document before sending it as an attachment – which in my line of work is essential.

However, If your company is bigger than mine. And if you are in the market of buying a powerful, software solution that will take care of your every future document and streamline needs – this is the program to seriously consider.

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