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PROGRAM: WinX DVDRipper Platinum

For Windows and MAC

PROS: Very easy to use. Fast and reliable. Supports most file-formats and gadgets. 5 Minute Copy !

CONS: Haven’t found any…as of yet

VERDICT: If you ever should consider buying a DVD Copy/Backup program, it’s this one. You can make backups of your DVD collection with a few clicks – even the newest ones. And you get free lifetime updates.

PRICE: $35,99


Download Link in the Article

Have you ever tried a program and immediately just loved it ?

Earlier, I’ve written about Freeware programs to help you make backups of your DVD’s in order to rescue them from your kids, lover(s), dog, neighbor and what not. This time I’ve got a Commercial solution for you.

I tend to prefer freeware – because I often find the Free Products to be better or simpler to use.This time, however, I have found a commercial product that I want to show you. WinX DVDRipper Platinum is one of those rare occasions where you actually get what you pay for.

Simplicity yet powerful

The first thing I noticed when I first booted WinX, was that everything I need, is there right in front of you. It’s obvious that the developers had usability in mind – all the way from the drawing board up to the finished product. Just insert a DVD, Choose your desired output format, and click the Start button.

You can choose to do a  Full DVD copy without conversion OR you can choose to save the backup as AVI, MP4, MPEG,WMV, FLV, MOV and Zune even. If you choose AVI, you get to choose your preferred playback device. You will not only find the usual iPhone, PSP, 3GP and iPod formats – but also (watch and behold) the new iPad !

If you are a techy like me, you can tweak every setting to maximum or minimum (whatever you prefer) or you may simply, trust the custom settings. Which is always a good idea, first time around.

Copy Protection

I know – The people behind Copy Protection for DVD’s won’t be happy for this, but… WinX support the latest copy protection algorithms –  which means that you may create backups of your newest investments as well.

So they say, anyways.

I decided to try, and inserted my newest DVD (I’m not going to disclose which one – but it’s about mammoths, a saber tooth tiger and a wacky guy with big teeth and strange eyes, who one day find themselves amongst dinosaurs). Keep in mind that I do this solely to test the program – nothing else.

I chose the custom AVI format with AC3 sound (6ch), 1800 kbs Video Quality, DivX format. Pressed Start. And to my big surprise, about 2 hours later a perfectly playable AVI file was stored on my Drive. For the poor owner of an expensive DVD, who wants to protect his DVD collection (which of course is paid for with hard-earned money), this is really good news.

Within 5 minutes ?!

If the commercial promise something that just sounds too good to be true, I generally believe it to be. When WinX promises to create a FULL copy of my DVD movie (movie only, not menus, extras etc) within 5 minutes – I don’t believe them. That is, until I tried it for myself.

I inserted (yet again) my newest DVD, Chose Copy, and clicked Start.
4 minutes, 57 seconds later… a full copy of the movie in  MPEG format with AC3 6ch sound and 3,39 GB was finished. Once again, I am in awe.

Other features

Other features worth mentioning: Sync Fixer, which can fix audio sync problems on the fly, Safe Mode, which will finish encoding the movie even if non-critical problems occur, Multi-Core CPU support, and change interlaced scanning DVD movie to progressive scanning, make converted video with clearer image.

Overall, Cons and Pros

If you have read my previous reviews, you know that I always look for something that should be improved or fixed or is missing. Sorry to disappoint you – but this time, I’m at loss The program is simply great.

With your bought license you get lifetime upgrade (which is what you would expect from your freeware)
You also get to fully backup your DVD movie (without conversion) within 5 minutes !

Is it worth the prize-tag ? Definitively.
Want to know more ? Read about it here

Try it Free Now !


Download !!


I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a big giveaway contest very very soon – so be on the lookout. Here, on mintywhite.

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  1. fizzbin88 says:

    Excellent Software !

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