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If you have more than a couple of PCs in your home, it’s easy to get confused and forget which PC you’re working on. For example, on my current home network, it have the following Windows PCs: D7UH, D7UG, LXHM, L7UR, L7UM, PI2R, and PI3R. After a few remote desktop connections, I would get lost without BgInfo.

BgInfo shows key information about your PC right on the desktop. BgInfo is a standalone executable and can be pinned to your Taskbar. Then, when you’re on any PC, you can launch it (if it isn’t already running) to bring up information like: computer name, MAC addresses, computer name, operating system and service pack etc.

To display key information on your desktop:

1. Download BgInfo and put it in a permanent folder (recommendation: C:\Program Files\BgInfo\ or in your DropBox for multi-PC use)

2. Pin BgInfo.exe to the taskbar (how to pin a program to the taskbar)

3. Start BgInfo and select the information you want displayed:

4. Click OK (or apply if you are planning on making more changes to the layout) and view key info right from your desktop:

If you’d like to download Bginfo to your PC with a whole collection of other system administration tools, you can download the Sysinternals Suite. Want to learn more about Sysinternals Tools?

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Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix them.

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2 thoughts on “Bginfo Puts Key Information about Your PC on the Desktop”

  1. Sherifwahib says:

    it is excellent but one only question: the info doesn’t go from my desktop even after restart and there are tow sets of info on top of each other .. how to remove them? 

    1. Rich says:

      Start BG info again and click Apply. That should get you back to a plain background and text.

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