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PROS: Very easy to use. Lightweight.

CONS: No Context Menu AddOn … yet

VERDICT: A Great program which really let you do what it promises.
A Great Little Application.

PRICE: $4.99


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Being a writer for Mintywhite is a very interesting hobby of mine. It’s actually much more than just sitting down in front of the computer and writing something for you to read. Much time goes by for research, reviewing and searching for ideas, facts and so forth.

This part of the job demands taking notes and saving them for later use. Up until recently I had to keep my notes on paper, in a text file, or as dummy articles. If your situation is somewhat similar, taking notes and storing them in such a manner that you can easily find them later (making good use of them), you know that notes can easily disappear on you.

Then a reader of ours, Adam Chavez tipped us about this wonderful application: NoteSync. I immediately fell in love with it.


Lightweight AIR application

NoteSync is a lightweight application, developed using the new Adobe Standard: AIR. It downloads fast, installs fast and from what I can see, it takes onlyabout 4MB of RAM to work. Of course, you do need an Internet connection and you will benefit from having a Google Docs Account  – but once you got that – it’s all good. NoteSync also has an Offline mode which I personally haven’t tested … yet.

Online Notes, always available

Aside from losing my notes, leaving them at home when I’m traveling doesn’t make it easier. With NoteSync I am able to take notes, retrieve them, sort through them wherever I’m at.

Each note you create, will immediately be stored in your Google Docs Account for later retrieval. NoteSync let you edit, search and manage your documents directly from its user-friendly interface or you can log on to your Google Docs account and retrieve them there.

Still in Beta

For the moment NoteSync is still in Beta, but it looks and feels like a finished product. From what I gather the developers of NoteSync are working on a iPhone solution as well as an extended version where you may use Rich text formatting (not that I find the last necessary).

The Beta is free of charge, and the finished product will cost about 5 USD. A Small fee for a great solution.

Try it Free Now !


Download NoteSync

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