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ScreenSaver Collection

By on September 22, 2010 (Add Comment)
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screensaver icon ScreenSaver Collection You already know where to get the best wallpapers and icons, I’m sure. Now it’s time to bring you a collection of free screen savers. It’s so many creative people out there creating cool screen-savers for free, so why settle for those, trial-screen-savers, with limitations or nag screens ?

If the download link for some reason doesn’t work, try the “More Info” link instead.

Here, I bring my first collection of totally free screen-savers. Enjoy.

Security Screensaver 2 0 by jwils876 220x220 ScreenSaver Collection

Security Essentials Screen saver

How about having your computer scanned when you’re not using it a anyway ?

With this screen saver you can, if you use Security Essentials that is…

  • More Info
  • Download
fractal 220x220 ScreenSaver Collection

Apophysis Screensaver 2

If You are into fractals, and psychedelic patterns, then this should be right up your alley.

  • Link to Developer
  • Download
Clock 220x220 ScreenSaver Collection

3D clock +screensaver

A screen saver for the true Time Traveler. Well it only travels in one direction, but still…

  • More Info
  • Download Standard
  • Download Black on White
kaleidoskop ScreenSaver Collection

Kaleidoscope Screensaver

  • More Info on Author
  • Download
Focus Screensaver by gv91 220x220 ScreenSaver Collection

Focus Screen Saver

This screen saver blurs out your screen. You can set blur level and choose to use grey-scale mode.

Easy install and setup. Reported to work on all windows systems. Required .NET 3.5

aurora 220x220 ScreenSaver Collection

Moving M6 Aurora Screensaver

This is a real WPF screen saver with many options/colors. Works on all Windows. Requires at least .Net 3.0

Unpack to Screen saver directory.

  • Author page
  • Download
blue screen of death 220x220 ScreenSaver Collection

Blue Screen of Death

Now this is a screen saver, by which you can have a lot of fun. Install it on a friends computer, and let the fun commence.

Only way to shut it off, is to press ESC

  • More info
  • Download
CIA Screensaver by 91maan90 220x220 ScreenSaver Collection

Rotating CIA Screen Saver

Big fan of those spy movies ?
Then you gotta have this one.

  • More Info
  • Download

More will follow

 ScreenSaver Collection

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