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Stop Windows Update Restart Now Prompts

Posted by Rich On August - 4 - 200921 COMMENTS

Windows update is an excellent way to keep your computer up to date and protected from the latest vulnerabilities. Sometimes, Windows update will apply a patch that requires your computer to be restarted. Many times, this restart comes at an inopportune time as you may have a lot to get done that day. Windows Vista does not bug you as much as Windows XP, because you can change the interval at which Windows to remind you to restart your computer. Regardless of your operating system, you may just want to stop the notifications entirely and restart your computer the end of the day. Why do not recommend this, I often find myself delaying the restart process. In this guide, you’ll learn how to stop Windows update notifying you until the next time you restart your PC.

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See an Infinite View with LogMeIn

Posted by Rich On July - 27 - 20095 COMMENTS

Have you ever been in a room that has ever on opposite walls? If you look into one of the mirrors you see an infinite view as the image is reflected back and forth between the two. The other day, when I was quite tired, I wanted to control one of my computers and ended up logging in to the computer I was currently using. I was faced with an infinite view of my computer as it attempted to show my screen within my screen which had my screen within this one and so on. I am surprised this didn’t crash my computer because anyone who programs knows an infinite loop will use all the resources possible until your computer crashes. This really isn’t a guide and it really isn’t helpful but if you are using LogMeIn, you may want to give this one try.

logmein infinite01 th See an Infinite View with LogMeIn
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Troubleshooting EXE Errors Related To Symantec

Posted by Guest Post On July - 18 - 200910 COMMENTS

In this guest post, James Ricketts explores EXE errors related to Symantec. Learn more about James at the conclusion of this post.

It is very likely that most computer users have experienced EXE errors or errors related to the executable files at one time or another. EXE errors are one of the most common categories of application errors that your computer is likely to encounter. This is simply because there are hundreds of applications on your PC and each one of them comprises several EXE files. When you consider the number of EXE files residing on a computer, it is easy to understand the likelihood of something going wrong with one or more of them.

EXE errors can crop up while working on any computer application and applications from Symantec suite are no exception. Symantec is a popular software manufacturer of Internet and PC security products. Symantec products help make our PC less vulnerable to bugs and errors. At the same time, like any other application, it too uses EXE files and some of them may develop problems.

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EXE Printer Errors and What They Mean

Posted by Guest Post On July - 17 - 20092 COMMENTS

In this guest post, James Ricketts explores EXE Printer errors on your PC. Learn more about James at the conclusion of this post.

Printers are one of the key peripherals that are used extensively by PC users. Some businesses today are completely dependent on printers to print their bills, invoices and other important official documents.

Printers have also become popular with home PC users. The launch of economical all-in-one printers that come in different combinations of photocopiers, scanners and fax machines have further added to this popularity. In fact, with such a range of tasks it is surprising that they are still called printers.

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Fix Internet Connection with Release Renew

Posted by Rich On July - 13 - 200919 COMMENTS

releaserenew01 Fix Internet Connection with Release Renew

Sometimes, when you connect to a wireless network, that works all the time, you’ll find that the Internet doesn’t work even though you are seemingly connected. I get this on campus and in this guide you will learn one of the simple tricks I use to avoid the need to restart your computer to get the Internet working again.

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If you’ve changed your screen resolution and the screen went black and stayed black, there is hope! When you change your resolution in Windows, you’ll be asked to confirm the change by clicking Yes. The theory is: if you can’t see the confirmation, you wont click Yes. However, if you hit Enter, or something crazy (but computers aren’t crazy…) goes wrong, you’ll be left with a black screen. A black screen has it’s uses: a mirror, an oversize paperweight, a doorstop etc. However, if you’re not satisfied with your new-found paperweight, follow this guide.

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