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Tired of seeing your icons constantly re-arranged ?

Every time you swap between screen resolutions, or turn on (or off) your dual monitor, you will most probably experience that you have to re-arrange your desktop icons.

Many of the applications for dual monitor have a feature for saving and restoring the position (and layout) of your Desktop Icons. But if you don’t already have this functionality at hand, then this is for you.

How to Add the Save / Restore Icon Layout functionality to your Context Menu.

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20 licenses of WINX HD RIPPER [Competition]

Posted by Thomas On September - 21 - 2010

Remember that we told you about the WinX HD Ripper, back in August ? This is the bigger brother the WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. Digiarity, the developers behind these great programs, have yet again offered us 20 licenses to give away to you.

As always this is your chance to help improve this software by providing the developers with a few answers. Get your head on straight and enter this great giveaway. One of 20 licenses can be yours to keep.

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Use .PNG and .ICO Icons to Customize Windows [How To]

Posted by Rich On September - 20 - 2010

Customize Windows Icons

In the past, we’ve shown you many ways to customize Windows using .PNG and .ICON icons. In this guide, I’ll show you where to get icons how to:

  • Change Vista desktop icons.
  • Change folder icons in Windows Explorer.
  • Change drive icons in Windows Explorer.
  • Add custom libraries with custom icons in Windows 7.
  • Change network icons in Windows Vista.
  • Update outdated icons automatically in Windows Vista.
  • Remove the shortcut overlay arrow icon in Vista.
  • Customize Windows Media Center Media Browser icons.

Download Icons for Windows

If you’re looking for icons for Windows, you can download them here: Windows Icons. Here are some of my favorite collections:

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7Conifier: Change windows 7 icons without changing Theme

Posted by Thomas On September - 16 - 2010

For the icon collectors out there I bring you the greatest tool to change and swap between system icons without the need of changing themes or swapping each and every icon manually.

7CONIFIER is a tool is capable of changing all your taskbar and start menu icons in a single click. All you need to do is select the package you would like to use and hit “Apply”. 7CONIFIER comes pre-loaded with three packages and you can easily add more packages of your own.

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3 DNS Problems that Can Slow Your Internet Connection

Posted by Angel Luis On September - 16 - 2010

As with every complex device, computers are known to experience problems. When you are trying to connect two computers, you have to deal with the machines and what is in the middle. If something is not working properly on any of these systems, the communication could experience performance problems.

Every computer that is connected to Internet that runs a service (usually a web service) needs to be located so the service can be used. For telephones we use numbers to locate people. On Internet we use words, for example to enter on this site you have to use www.mintywhite.com. There are some reasons why on Internet we use words instead of numbers:

  • IP addresses, belong to a location and  a country; if we only use numbers and for some reason you change your location, every link will connect to an invalid site.
  • It makes it easier to have several machines use the same words. Google uses this technique with www.google.com, which has more than one Internet Protocol (IP) address. If for some reason one is down, the others can do the job.

Domain Name Servers (DNS) do that job. Their work is to translate a name to an IP address. This system is hierarchical so it is not just stored on one server. In this article, we take a look at some DNS problems that can slow your internet speed.

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CCleaner, Add functionality with add-ons

Posted by Thomas On September - 13 - 2010

One of the most popular registry cleaner tools is named ccleaner. Although ccleaner is very powerful and does do a very good job at removing old and redundant registry entries. It may still leave lots of “debris” left. The main reason is that not every developer think alike, and there is no set rules as to how and where in the registry to store installation information. Making it necessary to tell programs like ccleaner where to look.

This is where the add-ons like CCEnhancer comes to our rescue

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