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One of the most popular registry cleaner tools is named ccleaner. Although ccleaner is very powerful and does do a very good job at removing old and redundant registry entries. It may still leave lots of “debris” left. The main reason is that not every developer think alike, and there is no set rules as to how and where in the registry to store installation information. Making it necessary to tell programs like ccleaner where to look.

This is where the add-ons like CCEnhancer comes to our rescue

The following add-on tools requires the installation of CCleaner first.

CCEnhancer makes CCleaner more versatile

After installation and update you will see more applications available in the ccleaner menu

This CCleaner add-on adds support for hundreds of extra custom programs to CCleaner, beyond the handful that it supports by default. It simply scans your system to see what programs you have installed and adds support for those in seconds. With CCEnhancer, definitions for a wide range of custom apps can be download and installed within CCleaner in seconds.

The actual file containing the definitions is not included with the program, but is downloaded by the program. Simply press ‘Download Latest’ and the tool will automatically download the most recent list.

CCAuto Updater

Another valuable add-on is the CCAuto Updater that you may schedule to automatically update CCleaner for you. CCAuto Updater will do the entire update process, leaving out that annoying ad toolbar.



Download CCleaner


Download CCEnhancer


Download CCAuto Updater

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