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Excel: Duplicate and Copy Cell content using AutoFill

Posted by Thomas On January - 12 - 2011

This time I’m going to show you how to quickly copy or duplicate cell content using a drag’n’drop-feature. This feature allows you to drag content from one cell to another, filling in values, series or copying formulas.

Click-Drag’n’Drop, or AutoFill

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Encrypt Your USB Thumb Drive to Protect Your Data [How To]

Posted by Rich On December - 23 - 2010

Now, more than ever, we carry more digital information on thumb drives and, in many cases, this information is sensitive and, in the wrong hands, could be used in ways we’d like to avoid. In this guide, I’ll show you how to encrypt your USB drive so that only you can access your data.

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Create Multiple Choice Menu in a Batch-File [How To]

Posted by Thomas On December - 18 - 2010

Batch-Files are small yet powerful tools that you can create to easy your daily chores. Back in the day when Windows was glass covered holes for letting air and light into your house, Batch scripting was an essential and every day tasks. Today, most people don’t even know it exists.

This time we’ll explore how to create a multiple choice menu that can trigger files, website and functions.

Create a multiple choice menu in a batch-file

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6 Free Office 2010 Migration Guides

Posted by Stu On November - 26 - 2010

6 Free Office 2010 Migration GuidesThinking about upgrading to Microsoft Office 2010?

Each upgrade brings exciting new features, but new versions of your favourite programs can take some getting used to. It’s no different for those of us here at Microsoft who create the Office programs than it is for our customers.

To ease the transition, we’ve put together six handy Office 2010 migration guides to help you step up to the newest versions of Microsoft Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.

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PROS: Easy to use and provides direct, high-speed download links. Searches for beta updates. Can be used as a standalone without need for installation.

CONS: Sends information about what programs are installed on your computer to FileHippo to check for updates. Some may see this as a privacy concern.

VERDICT: If you want to get the latest updates (and betas), this program will keep you on top of things.



DOWNLOAD: FileHippo Update Checker

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Best Remote Access Applications

Posted by Rich On November - 1 - 2010

We are now in an age where we can realistically expect to have access to every: photo we’ve ever taken, song we’ve ever purchased, document we’ve written, and anything else stored on our computer. Many of us have a computer at home (usually an older computer) that we refer to as our server. On or attached to this server is all the media we have to our name. In this guide, we explore top five remote access applications available to help you get to this, and other, information. These applications can be used to:

  • Have a multi-PC meeting.
  • Have access to your own PCs wherever you are.
  • Help a friend with their PC.
  • Have desktop access to your PCs on your home network.

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