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FileHippo Update Checker Screenshot
PROS: Easy to use and provides direct, high-speed download links. Searches for beta updates. Can be used as a standalone without need for installation.

CONS: Sends information about what programs are installed on your computer to FileHippo to check for updates. Some may see this as a privacy concern.

VERDICT: If you want to get the latest updates (and betas), this program will keep you on top of things.



DOWNLOAD: FileHippo Update Checker

FileHippo Update Checker Features

As software ages, more and more security and performance holes are found; these holes leave you vulnerable to all kinds of nastiness like viruses, computer slowdowns, and just looking rather old fashioned. Many programs come with software updaters, but I find these slow your computer down and rear themselves at the most inconvenient times (like at startup) so I tend to disable or opt out of software checking for updates.

FileHippo Update Checker overcomes this problem by checking to ensure you have the latest version of all installed software on your PC. You can even run the program as a standalone app (download the standalone version from the download page):

The program scans your installed programs and retrives version numbers to check against the latest updates in their database:

I like to keep my software updated (although I often wait a week or so before upgrading to ensure there are no bugs etc. in the latest version); as you can see, I have five updates available and five beta updates.

I’ve been using this program to check for updates for over a year now and have never had problems with any of the downloads they provide. This is a solid piece of software and I highly recommend you download it.

Download FileHippo Update Checker

Download FileHippo Update Checker

Download FileHippo Update Checker

About Rich

Rich is the owner and creator of Windows Guides; he spends his time breaking things on his PC so he can write how-to guides to fix them.

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4 thoughts on “FileHippo Update Checker Finds Updates for Installed Programs for Optimal Security”

  1. RSVR85 says:

    I’ve used FileHippo for a while and have to say its a great program and a great recommendation. It’s far better than any alternative i’ve tried.
    The small privacy trade-off is well worth it IMO.

    1. Severica says:

      Agree, its small trade especially if used on home computers. Its also much easier and simpliest then alternative to use in updating softwares. There is also in settings option to add folders for softwares which arent installed in typical folders like program files etc.
      Only small downside is for some softwares(but small numbers of them) update checker find new version by day sometimes 2 day later which is small con.

  2. Severica says:

    Hi, nice review very clear and with good infos.
    Im using this software for some time and i can say also that it works good only downside is maybe that it find updates 2 days later then infact its allready exist but thats only minor downside.
    If i can give you 1 suggestion, im using Secunia Psi software for almost 1 year and im very happy with functionality and usefulness of that software(especially of psi 2.0 beta wich have automatic update option of softwares) in protecting agains zero day atacks and in managing vulnerability risks for home users it would be great if you could make review about that software also.
    Btw i apologize for my non so fluent and correct english its not mine native language. :)

  3. Gouthaman Karunakaran says:

    Although FileHippo’s Update Checker sends information to their servers, the data is not personally identifiable. Au Contraire, If you see CNET’s TechTracker they ask you to create an account first in which case they know who you are and the software that’s installed on your computer(s).

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