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Shrink/Extend a Partition on Your Hard Drive with Vista

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If you use multiple partitions on your hard drive, you may want to shrink or extend one of them - after realizing you want more space on another one of the partitions. This guide will show you how to shrink or extend a partition on your hard drive.

1. Right click on Computer and then click Manage.

Shrink a partition with Vista

2. The Computer Management Console will show.

Shrink a partition with Vista

3. In the left pane, click Storage and then Disk Management. Then the next screen is shown (on the right pane).

Shrink a partition with Vista

4. Now you see all your partitions which you have created. To shrink a partition, simply right click on the partition and choose Shrink Volume.

Shrink a partition with Vista

5. The next screen is then shown.

Shrink a partition with Vista

6. Here you can enter the amount of space to shrink in MB.

If you would like to extend a partition, you will need to make sure there is empty space available behind the partition. Then go back to step 4 and instead select Extend Volume.

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5 Responses to Shrink/Extend a Partition on Your Hard Drive with Vista



I didn’t know you can do this and this is a cool feature. LOVE VISTA and I dont care what people say about it



just wot i need



lol mary, this has been around forever. not just a vista thing. n00bs.




I dont know why I cant extend the drive its light grey, and only shrink can be changed.any ideas




Are you sure there’s space after the drive to extend into?

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