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Microsoft Presents the Lost Comparison: Windows Vista vs. Windows XP

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Microsoft Presents the Lost Comparison: Windows Vista vs. Windows XP

With both Windows XP and Windows Vista being available concomitantly on the market, Microsoft is doing nothing more than inviting the consumers to compare the two operating systems. The Redmond company inherently claimed Vista’s superiority over XP, but the latest Windows client failed to deliver on the
Wow promise. Microsoft’s efforts failed to convince consumers beyond the shadow of a doubt that XP is no contest for Windows Vista, but perhaps the company has not been using the right tools.

Enter the Lost Comparison: Windows Vista vs. Windows XP, the cartoon version, as provided by Microsoft Japan, and via Hilary Pike. “In hobby in work, the personal computer which more and more becomes convenient, and familiar. Is assumed with the appearance of Windows Vista, various functions are strengthened, the comfort that it evolved. But, the extent which can realize the user truly it probably is to become convenient?” “Because it does not change excessively, is not the one which continues to use the sufficiently old personal computer that way even with the current personal computer” to be many, probably will be?” Microsoft asked, courtesy of the rough translation performed by Windows Live Translator.

Microsoft Japan compared Vista and XP in a total of 10 rounds, looking at various aspects of the two operating systems. Microsoft highlights features such as Windows Aero, Superfetch and ReadyBoost, but also Windows Defender, anti-phishing and the new Security Center. Windows Media Center is also leveraged to the advantage of Vista, as are indexed search and Windows 3D. Vista’s advanced media management capabilities and various built-in diagnostic-tools and utilities for monitoring performance, the platform’s backup capabilities, mobility features and BitLocker encryption are all contributing to the latest Windows client leaving its predecessor in the dust.

“With this serialization, using Windows Vista and Windows XP, either one just which being comfortable, being superior? It is thorough compares according to the theme of 10. In order to use the personal computer conveniently, more pleasantly, as for the Windows Vista on-board personal computer the one which is replaced being good? Or, being sufficient with the upgrade of OS? As a result and how,” Microsoft added.


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