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Volumouse Controls Your System Volume with Your Mouse Wheel

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Volumouse 1

If you’re watching a video in full screen on the computer and you want to turn the system volume up, you need to minimize the video clip, click the audio item in the system tray and turn it up from there. This can be very tedious; thus I looked for a good solution to this problem and found Volumouse. Volumouse provides you with a quick and easy way to control the volume on your system—simply by rolling the wheel of your wheel mouse.

How to Use Volumouse

Please note: when installing the program, ensure the uninstall module option is checked; this will make it much easier to remove the program (I’m not sure why the developer even gives you the choice—it’s not like we’re that hard up for disk space these days.)

Volumouse 2

Once you’ve installed the program, click the Start button, type vol, and click Volumouse

Volumouse 3

Once the program is started, you can set up to change the volume with your mouse.

Volumouse 4

Hopefully this solves a problem for you like it did for me. If it did not, I’m sure there are many programs in the freeware section that will be useful for you.

Download Volumouse

Download Volumouse (Homepage)

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