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Microsoft Office (Mondo) 2010 Build 14.0.4417.1000 has hit the streets.

So far it’s proving to compliment Windows 7 very nicely indeed.

Here’s some basic screenshots for your pleasure!

1 640x480 Microsoft Office 2010 Screenshots (14.0.4417.1000)

2 640x480 Microsoft Office 2010 Screenshots (14.0.4417.1000)

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Free PDF To Text Converter

Posted by Stu On September - 2 - 200917 COMMENTS

PDF’s are great for distributing documents across the web.  Authors also love them because the original content is protected against change.

What if you need to make ammedments to, or copy PDF’s you’re sent from work collegues or friends?  This is where AnyBizSoft PDF to Text comes in.

pdf to txt Free PDF To Text Converter

Don’t be fooled by the simple interface, this baby is powerful.  It supports encrypted PDF file conversion as well as multi language conversion such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italy, Dutch and Portuguese.

PDF To Text Converter will convert your PDF into a text file in lightning quick time, which can then be used any way you want.  Up to 10 PDF’s may be converted concurrently too.

The minimum hardware requirements are; 500 MHz processor, 256 MB memory and 15 MB hard disk space. (most phones could run this!)

You’ll need to provide a valid email address for your product key.

Get your FREE PDF To Text Converter.

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