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Use Speech Recognition in Vista [How To]

Windows Vista Guides by Rich 0 Comments

If you have a microphone and a desire to speak to your computer and tell it what to do, this guide is for you. In this guide, you’ll learn how to calibrate Windows Speech Recognition and where to learn how to use it.

Configuring Speech Recognition

Speech recognition configuration is easy; all you need is a microphone and a few minutes to run some tests.

Press the Start button, type speech and click Speech Recognition. If this is the first time you’ve run speech recognition, you’ll see the wizard pop up straight away. If you’ve run it before and didn’t complete the setup, you may have to click on Speech Recognition Options, on the start menu, instead.

Windows Speech Recognition 1

After clicking next, you’ll need to tell Windows what type of microphone you have.

Windows Speech Recognition 2

Now you’ll need to set up your microphone so Windows can hear you accurately.

Windows Speech Recognition 3

Speak into the microphone and try to keep it at a distance where you a speaking at a normal level and the noise levels fall within the green area.

Windows Speech Recognition 4

Once you’ve successfully set up your microphone, you are ready to move on.

Windows Speech Recognition 5

You can improve accuracy by reading a document, while Windows figures out both how you pronounce certain words and what words you merge together when you speak.

Windows Speech Recognition 6

You now have an opportunity to print the speech reference card. This card has commands you can speak; this is useful when you are first learning the potential of Windows Speech Recognition.

Windows Speech Recognition 7

If you plan to use speech recognition frequently, you can choose to run it at Windows startup. You can always change this option later via the Speech Recognition options screen.

Windows Speech Recognition 8

At this step, I advise taking the tutorial; this is where you’ll learn how to become a pro with the software.

Windows Speech Recognition 9

If you need to change any settings, press the Start button, type speech, and click Speech Recognition Options. Here you can configure settings and even run the wizard again. If you need to set up speech recognition for two users, you’ll need to set up a user account for them to use.

Windows Speech Recognition 10

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