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Disable Windows Vista Superfetch to Save Memory

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Disable Windows Vista Superfetch to Save Memory

Windows Vista Superfetch learns your typical activities with files and application access. By learning, it predicts your computer use actions and puts your most commonly used applications in memory. This is great if you have a lot of RAM, but if you have less than 2GB, then I suggest you disable this feature — saving you from sluggish computer use.

Please Note: Even with less than 2GB of ram, you may find this doesn’t help. If you notice no difference after a day or two, then you can probably re-enable Superfetch.

Disable Windows Vista Superfetch

1. Press Start, type services in the search bar and press Enter

2. Locate Superfetch in the list of services, right click it, and select properties.

Disable Windows Vista Superfetch to Save Memory 1

3. Change the Startup Type dropdown box to disabled and click the stop button.

Disable Windows Vista Superfetch to Save Memory 2

4. Now click OK.

Please remember, this will only help if you have less than 2GB of RAM.

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7 Responses to Disable Windows Vista Superfetch to Save Memory


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Great tip, I’m always running out of memory so this should help.



This service should not be disabled.
This service makes Vista learn what application you use most, and load the system files of the application onto your RAM before you do. Disabling this feature will make your applications startup at XP speed, and not 2 to 6 times faster.

The space used by Superfetch IS NOT RESERVED! So you are not helping in any way. Vista already frees up the RAM that Superfecth uses if you need it.

This service can be disabled if you have 1GB or less of RAM. As it won’t help much.

@Windows Guide, PLEASE do your reserach!



Thanks for your input Good Bytes. I must disagree though. I disabled superfetch on my Vista Business install with 1.5GB ram and it helped a lot. As I said in the article, your mileage may vary. Thanks again though.



Hmm, perhaps you are right, where it depends on the system.
If I was in your situation, I would try Ready Boost with a high speed memory stick first, than if that fails disable Superfetch as a last resort.



I’m just glad these types of services exist, who’d want to go back to XP?



i have a xfx 750a mother board with 4 gig of ram and got windows vista home premium 64 bit. i was woundering how to tell if i am running in 32 bit or 64 bit mode thanks

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