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LogMeIn Lets You Access Your Computer from Anywhere in the World

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Want to log into your computer from anywhere in the world? If you do, this guide is for you.

If you’ve tried logging into your computer with Remote Desktop, you’ve probably had troubles with configuring your router to open port 3389 to allow remote desktop connections. You may have kicked out the user at the remote computer once or twice too. With LogMeIn, this is not the case.

LogMeIn is a remote system for your computer systems. It works by you (or someone at your computer across the world) installing LogMeIn on the computer you wish to be accessible. You then type in your account details and it will then associate itself with your account. When you login to your account on the website you will see that computer in your list and whether or not it is available to connect. You will need administrator rights (username and password) on the computer to log in.

LogMeIn uses 256 bit encryption, which wont solve your 32 bit WEP issues, but it will ensure the connection between the two computers isn’t any less secure.

Head over to LogMeIn now and give it a try.

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5 Responses to LogMeIn Lets You Access Your Computer from Anywhere in the World



I had no idea you could do this~~ cool



I can’t believe you can do this for free that’s so much fun



DO you have to pay for this?



Heuuu… it’s called Windows Remote Desktop.
It’s free and in XP Pro and Vista.
You also have a bunch other of free tools that are better then LogMe, like Ultra VNC.



Wow this is great, thnx! ^^

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