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You may have heard it on the news: the world officially runs out of IPv4 addresses this month. Fear not, Internet will still be there, and it will work as usual. The problem is worse for the manufacturer of IP-dependent products than it will be for you. The problem has been forseen many years ago and the solution is to implement the next generasion IP-Adresses, called IPv6. More and more companies are implementing IPv6 on their system, and operating systems like Windows 7 all have the protocol installed by default. However, Windows XP has not. But of course where there’s an illness, there’s usually a cure.

How To Install IPv6 on Windows XP

The IPv6 protocoll IS available in Windows XP, all you have to do is launch it.

  1. Click Start | Run
  2. Type cmd to open the command prompt window (open as Administrator where necessary).
  3. At the prompt, type netsh and press ENTER
  4. Type interface and press ENTER
  5. Type ipv6 and press ENTER
  6. Type install and press ENTER

This installs IPv6. You can confirm that’s been installed by typing, at the command prompt, ipconfig /all. You should see an entry under your Local Area Connection that says “Link-local IPv6 Address” and shows a hexadecimal number, separated by colons. That’s your IPv6 address

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