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As promised last week I would publish the results of our little poll on Windows 8. Thank you for participating. From what I can see, our readers are early adopters. 52% Have installed Windows 8, and 39% use it as their only OS. Only 13% reported to have deleted the OS all together. Here’s a summary of what you think:


We asked you why you have or haven’t decided to keep Windows 8

The pro Windows 8 community points out that low cost is a huge factor in choosing Windows 8. Others are curious as to what the fuss is all about. One has a pointy haired boss that evidently can read… Another reason to try Windows 8 is the promise of speed, reliability and security.

This comment from one of the  “not so thrilled about Windows 8” people summarizes their feeling quite brilliantly: “My everyday computer usage is ‘desktop’ oriented. For example I can’t do what I want to do in a low powered, limited storage, overtly touch centric world that Windows 8 is marketing itself to.” Meaning, they are content with the “old familiar way” (Read the Windows 8 steps articles to see what I mean.)

Scroll down to read more comments from both parties




More Comments…




Fast, fluid, beautiful, functional wait for the first revision
fast,services,cloud,repair No support yet for all-in-one printers
Metro & Store Its going laggy after some time of use
I’m a geek at heart. too new
Because of the speed Current OS meeting my needs, not enough benefits to switch just yet. Maybe win9 will be better still.
cost $15.00 for pro upgrade with media center windows 7 desktop computer works fine
Just testing. “Oldie” on a Slow learnin curve..
app to take front end back to normal Will take some time to come to terms with the new system.
Interest for the new Searching of apps and files should be done together in context with the new Start screen and it could have been similar to Windows 7/Vista.
simply try it out, see how it looks. Lack of proper start menu, forced to use full screen metro apps and full screen start menu
Increased Security, works with Server 2012, Very Familiar ‘Start” button is gone and long procedure to Shutdown, Color themes looks bright in adds but not so, Not user friendly for desktop users.
needed a 64 bit os and this the cheapest option  using upgrade from vista dont like the app page, the key has been removed for turning off. i use the computers as computers not tablets
good price on upgrade not user-friendly
I see no reason not to adopt the latest advance Had no use for the app. page.
like a challenge not suited for buisness workstations
I love the interface and speed it should have better themes
Like to be up to date Problem with .Net files
I was hoping it would be more secure and stable than windows 7 at the moment I am still getting aquainted
Professional version for free at my university by agreement with microsoft, and looks cool Waiting untill it reaches its stability stage :) and everything looks compatible with the new OS. Nothing new!
A lot new features especially the security and fast boot. Crashed repeatedly on my high end system which runs Win 7 ultimate effortlessly
new os now.I need to understand it  now.i am a mature age user and i dont want to keep have to change again later in what is left of my life I like XP and I like 7 even better
ridiculous question – Yes? I hate the interface! almost impossible to multitask
Wanted to see what it is like. Works great on my laptop but will not be using Windows 8 on my home desktop (That’s staying with windows 7) just got used to Windows 7, 8 looks too complicated for business applications, it’s a toy
To supplement my Windows 7 main OS and benefit from the added refinements within Windows 8 architecture ! I may at a later date adopt W8 as my maiin OS of choice ! Windows 8 out of the box does not have Media Center hence Desktop staying with Windows7 because I use Media Centre all the time for my TV, Music & Videos
Faster performance than Windows 7, less memory intensive, Start screen is fresh and new. bored
IT guy. Need to try it before deploying it! The “Metro” Interface make it useless for desktops
Originally because it’s a good deal at £24.99 and I’ve always hated the Win7 Aero GUI. Win8 is faster & clean looking. And the downside….I upgraded from an old copy of XP I had laying around & ended up with a 32Bit copy of Win8 when I would have preferred 64Bit. Not convinced that 8 is better than  7
pointy haired boss read an article No ROI for effort cost involved. will wait for next pc refresh
Want all my digital devices on one platform too soon/not ready to change
Fastest startup ever in the history of Microsoft’s Operating systems, Start screen is fresh and excellent performance as compared to Windows 7. Don’t particularly think I need to update anytime soon.
if i get free licence from microsoft i’ll take it My new Windows 7 laptop is only tablet pen capable, and I like the start feature in Windows 7

 Thank you all for participating. This gave us a lot of input and We will be working hard to accommodate your needs – as always.

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